The Althoff Law practice is limited to Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Estate Administration and Planning, thus assuring excellence in those subjects from advice through to execution.  These subjects are broadly summarized as Wealth Preservation.  Pulling together an estate plan requires the skill of an attorney.  Choose one who can work comfortably with your Financial Advisor and your CPA.

If you are interested in retaining a lawyer for any other purpose -- including family matters, business matters, criminal situations, or civil disagreements -- kindly contact another member of the law profession. 

Wealth Preservation by its very nature is addressed multiple times with two very distinct themes.

WHILE ALIVE:  While the owner of the estate is still living estate planning is prescribed.  These plans may range from simple wills to simple trusts to more complex insurance and charitable instruments.  Powers of attorney and guardianship are discussed and may be vested in trustees or other trustworthy  individuals.  The key themes are to provide for income for the surviving spouse, establish protection against some of life's misfortunes, and minimize taxes.   Althoff Law will follow a proven individualized process to preserve your wealth.

AFTER DEATH:  Shortly after death, many estates enter probate and depending on circumstances may need additional administration.  Often beneficiaries [heirs] are in need of explanation of the legal workings behind their newly inherited assets.  Althoff Law provides services of probate and trust administration.  Learn more about these activities.

EXCLUDED:  Althoff Law does not engage in Elder Law.  When a Will or Trust needs to be litigated, Althoff Law may recommend adding a specialist to the team.


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