“With so many twists and turns in today’s laws, people need a professional to help find, understand, analyze, and execute the best solutions” …. Business Exec, July 2005

"You did such a quality job with my parent's estate, I want to retain you to put things in order for me" ... 60 year old, Denver resident, November 2006

"Thank you for a wonderful job explaining such a complex structure".... 40 Year Old, August 2007

"After interviewing 3 Attorneys I'd prefer to work with Margaret Althoff" ... October, 2007. Recently retired to Fort Collins

"Thanks for the great explanation.  Trusts are difficult to understand"  ... 60 year old Greeley Client, October 2007

"Thank you for your excellent service.  I will recommend you whenever I can" .. Fort Collins Client needing a trust amendment


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    Submitted by First Western Trust Bank.



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