Surviving Spouse Marries into Fiscal Irresponsibility  

Prevent this situation.  Your spouse survives you, re-marries, and contributes your hard earned assets to the new family.  Later they discover their new mate lacks financial responsibility and is treating your contribution as a windfall.  Soon all your hard work has been squandered and nothing remains for your spouse and kids.  Protect those assets instead by placing them in trust for the beneficiaries you choose.



Net Worth:    < $300,000     Up to $1,000,000      1 to 5 Million      Over 5 Million

Life's Complexities that can be protected against
- Your beneficiary has an accident and is sued
- Surviving Spouse Remarries into fiscal irresponsibility
- Keeping your wealth in the family should your surviving spouse remarry
- Keeping your wealth in the family upon divorce of a beneficiary
- Surviving spouse needs both money and money management
- Surviving spouse has an accident and is sued

The Process we follow:      New Client               Probate                 Picking a Trustee

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