Net Worth -- up to a few Hundred Thousand  

The good news is that an estate planning professional may not be necessary and individuals and couples in this bracket can sometimes save the expense.  For couples without young children, assets can be held simply as joint tenants where upon the death of the first spouse, all assets transfer to the surviving spouse.  Upon the surviving spouse’s death, a Colorado probate of an intestate estate [no will] results in transfer of everything to the children or grandchildren.  Anyone desiring a different result, or parents who wish to name a guardian for minor children need to draft a will to have their wishes implemented.  For simple cases, this can be done with a readily available form.  Just be sure it is EXACTLY correct, else you may invite costly challenges and not realize your desired outcome.  You can always retain a professional – expect to pay $400 to $600 for the service.



The Process we follow:      New Client               Probate                 Picking a Trustee

Life's Complexities that can be protected against
- Your beneficiary has an accident and is sued
- Surviving Spouse Remarries into fiscal irresponsibility
- Keeping your wealth in the family should your surviving spouse remarry
- Keeping your wealth in the family upon divorce of a beneficiary
- Surviving spouse needs both money and money management
- Surviving spouse has an accident and is sued

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