Surviving Spouse has an Accident and is Sued  
  Prevent this Situation:

After a death of a spouse,  even if financial well-being is not an issue, lifetime partners are distraught over the loss of a loved one.  Auto accidents, professional malpractice, and other misfortune increases during this period.  If the estate is conveyed in a trust to the surviving spouse, it cannot be touched even if being sued for an accident or malpractice.  If the inheritance is outside a trust, it may become part of a judgment.



Net Worth:    < $300,000     Up to $1,000,000      1 to 5 Million      Over 5 Million

Life's Complexities that can be protected against
- Your beneficiary has an accident and is sued
- Surviving Spouse Remarries into fiscal irresponsibility
- Keeping your wealth in the family should your surviving spouse remarry
- Keeping your wealth in the family upon divorce of a beneficiary
- Surviving spouse needs both money and money management
- Surviving spouse has an accident and is sued

The Process we follow:      New Client               Probate                 Picking a Trustee

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